Tedx Youth Sydney 2013

on the 17th November last year i was involved in the Sydnet Tedx youth conference. I loved organising this fabulous group work on the roof of the Museum of Contemporary Art, what a special location. Tedx Youth is a great initiative which really connects brilliant young minds with the world. It was a privilege to work on this event, organising myself and fellow Sydney College of the Arts students to create a live mural inspired by the events of the day. Have a look!






On the Cusp is an annual experimental dance performance held at Bangarra Dance Theatre in Sydney Harbour. I was privileged to work with Stephen Hamper on this beautiful heart cloud mobile, and to interact with the dancers. It was a really inspiring evening.

My Art Now


I am loving where my art practice is taking me. My love for the ocean and subsequent hate for plastic has in fact provided me with a new and amazing material manipulation for my art. Working with plastic waste is both disappointing and yet endlessly inspiring I really have found myself in a love hate romance with plastic… Could it really be that my desire to use waste for my art has in fact led me to love the very waste I despise! Oh too complex a thought right now must rest and further ponder my conundrum in my dreams!!!